Monday, May 28, 2012

Brian Doerksen -"As For Me and My House"

Meet Brian Doerksen!
Brian Doerksen is best known to many as a musician, songwriter and worship leader. He was born in Canada! He has a beautiful wife and children. Brian's heart for Jesus, is obvious through his inspired lyrics and melodies. Many of us, myself included, have sung his songs repeatedly, even though he still writes new songs, there are many that are now classics.
This video documentary, produced by Joni and Friends, is an intimate presentation about his family discussing something that I, didn't know about until I watched the video. He is forthright, open and sincere, just like his music, as he lets us into his home and heart, talking about raising two boys born with a disability called, Fragile X.
What is Fragile X? The Fragile X Foundation says: "The most common cause of inherited intellectual disability and the most common known genetic cause of autism or autism spectrum disorders. Can cause learning and behavioral challenges ranging from mild to severe."
This video is an encouragement to parents who are in similar situations and even though we don't have children, his words hit near to my home and I feel challenged to draw closer to Jesus.
Watch the "As For Me and My House" video here -click here
See Brian's Website here