Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Get a Kleenex...


Tempted to stop watching the news lately? I've met those who say they never know what's going on because they can't take it, too depressing for them. As for Craig and I, we may enjoy diversions but, we also believe it is our responsibility to know what's going on with the human race. Craig feels that even though it is often tragic and heartbreaking, knowing what's going on beyond our four walls - helps him know what to pray about or who to pray for. We are warned in the Bible about such days. Thankfully God provides rays of sunshine to encourage and strengthen us, be it through His Word, through friends and family or even through the lives of perfect strangers. Well, people we have never met, who are technically strangers but thanks to modern technology, we get to "meet" these people through media such as television and the internet.

Meet the Snedeker family, particularly Paige and Tyson. Here are rays of light to cut through some of the dark stories of late. "Meeting" this family left me with a kleenex in hand… speechless and in awe of how lives like these can actually be real, but they are. (Click the title to watch the video)


"The Snedeker Family - No Unhappy Endings"

So, if you find yourself grumbling and complaining about the upcoming big "holiday" event, first of all you may want to rethink the whole thing, it causes that much stress…if not, take a break and watch one of the most incredible stories I have ever seen. Two parents have three young children who all have what appears to be a genetic,  mysterious, life threatening, neuromuscular disorder that has no name. Imagine that? Your children, short of a miracle, will not life a full life span due to a disease that can't be diagnosed. Leaving them, legally blind, hearing impaired, connected to respirators, using  power wheelchairs and completely dependent on the arms and legs of others, Paige and Tyson are two incredibly inspiring individuals. They lost their brother to the same disorder at a much younger age than they are now and they both give God all the glory. Only God can put hope and joy in lives that most would consider not joyful or hopeful.

Below is the Link to the Video that left me speechless and tearful (inspirational tears)

  The Snedeker Family - No Unhappy Endings

Below is the website that Paige has featuring her beautiful children's book (click the title to link up)

Below, Tyson Snedeker mentioned in the video about wanting to have a ministry devoted to learning about the Bible. I found this website that he and a friend, Judy Rooks  have called Biblical Training.

Meet Mike King - Running the Race | Joni and Friends

Click link to Watch the Video Below
Mike King - Running the Race | Joni and Friends

Yay, Joni and Friends have produced some more inspirational videos. There are other videos they have produced that are on this blog,  but since Joni went through her bought with cancer, there hadn't been any new ones (Understandably so).  That reminds me... more about that in another post.

Meet Mike King!
"Mike King became paraplegic from a motorcycling accident, as an athletic young man. He overcame his depression with a goal to cross America on his wheelchair. After training, he accomplished his goal by wheeling from Fairbanks Alaska, down the Alaska Highway and across the Continental U.S. to Washington D.C. He then found purpose through becoming a paralympian and champion in wheelchair athletics, coaching and becoming a disability ministry leader." taken from Joni And Friends Website

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Pasta Making My Way Part 2 - "Pastification Time"

Finally, here is part two of "Making Pasta, My Way." Just my experience learning to make home made pasta for the first time, when I thought I wasn't physically able to do it. In the first part we measured, we mixed, we kneaded, we wrapped  and we rested. And now in part two we roll, we cut, we cook and we eat!

You don't need to be differently abled like me to watch this video, all you need is an interest in making pasta for the first time. Or if you need a diversion from all this Christmas craziness. (Would someone explain to me why this time of year seems to stress people out as they rush madly about buying presents and doing all that stuff we know as cultural Christmas - it's not like they just found out about it, we all had a whole year's notice)
If you have tried to make your own pasta or have questions or even comments, we would love to hear from you!

Monday, December 8, 2014

Pasta Making, My Way...

Pasta Dreams
As far back as I can remember, I have been a lover of pasta. No Italian heritage required to be love pasta. My main source, the packaged kind. Even when my arms were stronger I never thought I could make fresh home made pasta. Thanks to the internet and the countless number of tutorials on ever subject under the sun, the inspiration to try making it hit me hard. At first I tried making gnocchi, something else I never thought possible. Gnocchi may be Italian, but it isn't exactly pasta. I believe it is referred to as a dumpling. Usually made with potatoes, flour and egg, it requires something I am not able to do, knead. Turns out it doesn't require as much kneading as I thought. Since I can't knead the traditional way, it was really exciting for me to figure out how to cause the gnocchi dough to be useable, even eatable. It took a couple of tries to master the texture and method, but it happened. Gnocchi is no longer something I can only buy in the grocery store or at Italfest!

As I continued watching pasta tutorials, it was time to go all out and make pasta. With my semolina in hand, I settles on one of a bazillion recipes for pasta. There are recipes with a heap of eggs, some with a couple, some with just water and/or oil…some with one hundred percent semolina, some fifty fifty, mixed with all purpose flour, some with just all purpose flour…some have oil, some do not. Needless to say, finding one recipe wasn't easy. Remember pin the tail on the donkey? Well, spin yourself around with a blind fold and point, where ever your finger points, follow that recipe. Okay, didn't quite do it that way, but I chose one recipe and started my pasta making adventure. It took a total of about five hours to make enough for one meal for Craig and I, but it worked! Since my hands and arms don't have much strength, as you will see in the video below, my first attempt was making the hand formed pasta called "Little Ears" in English. Was it perfect? No, it was edible. It was dense and chewy, but it was something. Just knowing that it was possible to make pasta by modifying the process so I could manage it, was incredibly satisfying. Then my next attempts involved a rolling pin and my husbands arms. That worked too. Better still, I was able to use the rolling pin, bit by bit, all by myself! Thank You God. How rewarding. 
Let's Make Pasta - Watch The Video Above
Original Illustration by Anita Berglund - Copyright 2014 - Not to be reproduced without permission