Thursday, December 31, 2015


I love working with Polymer Clay and watching tutorials about using it. On one of my favourite channels, "Polymer Clay Tutor" I learned about a really cool new product/invention called Sugru. What does Polymer clay have to do with Walking Way Overrated you ask? Well, this is my blog and it is one of my favourite things to create with. Aside from that, I discovered today when I went to purchase some of this amazing putty like stuff that the product helped this beautiful young lady use her joystick on her power chair.
Joy Stick?
A joy stick is not just a gaming device, it is what we use to control and drive our power wheelchairs. And joy sticks can just fall off. Years ago mine fell off far from home, on a street. I am not able to reach the ground so I left assuming it would be long lost. My husband surprised me days later, when he went and retrieved it, it wasn't lost. To be romantic :o), he put it on a special wire to make it look like some kind of a special ring. He knew how much it meant to me to get it back, because I had assumed that I would never see it again! It has been falling off again! Lo and behold, I saw this video today as I was on the Sugru website buying their product to check it out. What were the odds I would see a video about how Sugru was used to help someone like me! Take a look!

What Is Sugru and Other Sugru Uses

Here is the link to the SUgru Website as well as the original video from the polymer clay tutor, where I learned about this cool fix it putty!
Polymer Clay Tutor and Sugru Hack

What Is Sugru and How Can It Be Used Videos

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