Tuesday, August 2, 2016


Here are some great You TubeChannels that have been produced by fellow wheel chair users. It is wonderful that there are so many folks sharing their wisdom and life experience in hope that, just as Walking, Way Overrated's hope, is to encourage and assist others who are living with or know loved ones living with physical challenges.
Most of the links are created by persons living with spinal cord injuries. Unlike us, my disorder was acquired before birth and Craig's too, but he did,'t face using a wheelchair until about thirty years later. Either way, the information is beneficial whether you are facing a sudden life altering challenge or are use to things the way they are. We never know what we may learn from others! So thank you to all these great folks sharing their wisdom!

Be encouraged, learn and grow!
Here are just a few channels for now, just click the name to go directly to their channel to see more....

Channel  #1 RueTo You- 
Spinal Cord Injury - Spasms

I Have Jesus Testimony

How To Transfer Without A Board

Channel  #2  Paralyzed Living - "Get Busy Living,or Get Busy Dying."
How A Helmet Saved More Than Just My Life
Bladder  Management After Spinal Cord Injury 

Channel #3 Jonathan Merchant
Jonathan Working Hard

Techniques and Technology To Protect Your Shoulders

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