Friday, November 6, 2015

Craig's Xtender Wheels Clicking Update #3- Already!

The Quickie Xtender Wheel Saga continues or should I say mystery? He still loves them no matter what.  But, we have had that ongoing problem. Our friendly dealer picked up Craig's Wheelchair this morning as planned. And returned it back within a couple hours. Craig gets to nap when his "legs" are being worked on because he doesn't have a back up wheelchair. He doesn't seem to mind.
When one of the best technician's we have, returned with the Xtender wheels on, he said he was told by the company that provides them, to adjust a belt type thingy  (my paraphrase) within the mechanism in the hub. He did and Craig hopped in and tested the tweaked wheels and guess what? There was no clicking!! Don't say woo hoo just yet. The bummer part, within 15 minutes or so...well, check out the video below.

There is additional information in this video with the intent that it will help the powers that care about this have as much information as possible to figure out the issue. We just hope Sunrise/Quickie can resolve the problem. I really am wondering if it has something to do with the age of Craig's chair and the model update. The pair he tried out didn't end up being the same exact model as the pair he got.
Any thoughts, ideas, questions or feedback, please leave it below. We are thankful they still work of course. But this new clicking has changed and is loud, then not at all...never a good thing for a new fancy mechanism. 
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