Saturday, February 4, 2017

Walking Wouldn't Be So Overrated If We Didn't Have Sure Hope

As you know we have called this blog, Walking, Way Overrated wanting to encourage anyone out here, that using a weelchair for legs is a pretty unique experience, that for us, walking is overrated. We both have walked, so we have some idea what is like to have functioning legs. And I know what it is like to get to walk with some limitations due to progressive muscle atrophying/wasting. But Craig, his legs were good and strong until he was in his thirties, he is turning sixty - five this year. 
Sure Hope
Now we want to make it clear that even though we may make light of not walking, we want you to know that doesn't mean we are not empathetic towards those struggling with new disabilities caused by an accident, illness, or diagnosis like mine. We may have a smile on our face but it doesn't mean we don't have difficulties. Of course we do. Especially as we are aging, we are both encountering the consequences of that process with the disabilities that we have. I am not going to talk about  all these struggles, unless I feel it would be beneficial. What we want make clear is that we would never be able to say "Walking Is Way Overrated," and mean it, if it wasn't for our Sure Hope. Our Sure Hope is in or Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. That is why we have another blog. A part from Jesus Christ, we wouldn't be able to face each day with love and hope in our hearts! 

If you are interested in the Only, Way, Truth and Life Who loves here to check out Sure Hope Gazette.

We love you too! 

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