Monday, September 11, 2017

Craig's Newest Love: Come And Find Out Why

Yes Craig has a new love. Of course he always says his only loves are me And our Lord Jesus Christ. However, In recent weeks, Something entered his life That is changed him in ways I never imagined. Jealousy knocks on my door, But I refuse to let it in, especially because I can completely understand why. Over the course of my life, My dear mom has given me two of these devices, understandably, because she thought they would help my life. Unfortunately in my situation, you need two well functioning hands to make one work. My life wasn't complete, But I got bye :o)

If any of you out there have osteoarthritis Or any other kind of hand pain, You too will completely understand why my husband has a new love. It has been difficult seeing how much pain he is in, just completing simple tasks like opening jars or cans. Then one day our last manual can opener croaked again. Trying to figure out what to do, I became like my mom - That happens more often than you think- Thanks Mom! What could help my husband, even just a tiny bit? One of those electric can openers that mom used to try to give me!
On to Amazon I went. Never owning one before,  I asked Craig his opinion. Turns out he had one before, back when he was a bachelor. So it was time For him to have one again.

Below Is a fun And mildly informative video, About why An electric can opener may make your life easier. Hope you enjoy.

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