Thursday, May 31, 2012

"I've Got Questions"

Meet Nick Vujcic!
If you haven't met Nick by now, then you are missing out. Whether you live with a disability or not, this man will inspire you regardless. Authentic, bold, hilarious, compassionate and loving, he is one amazing dude! It behooves us to at least learn a little about him.   Thanks to the world wide web, we can get to know a lot about so many people these days. Some we should wisely choose to avoid and some we should choose to seek out, like Nick! As handsome as can be, when he smiles it isn't just his mouth that grins from ear to ear but his eyes as well. It was noted by an interviewer once, that his eyes embrace as arms would. Watch even one of the videos listed below and you will know it's true for yourself. There is no denying, his radiant face is a mere reflection of his glowing personality! Filled with love, compassion, humour, empathy, energy, and understanding, he travels around the world speaking to thousands at a time. Clearly he is an Ambassador for Christ, shining His Light in this dark world. Sure all believers are called to be one, 2Cr 5:20 NLT - So we are Christ's ambassadors; God is making His appeal through us. We speak for Christ when we plead, "Come back to God!"
This ambassador has an exceptionally unique position in life. We have already talked about how much more one can encourage and help another when they themselves have gone through similar situations. Considering that this young man who faced thoughts of suicide at the age of ten, triumphed to where he is at today, showing the world that life without limbs, is no biggie, in fact a blessing, causing utter dependance on Jesus, the best place in life to be. That is one of the most important things to know when you face turmoil, questions and the unknown, to know that you are not alone, that there are others who have struggles and because of Jesus, have many triumphs and thankfully, share their stories to help us!
 Nick Vujcic's story is one that is unique to many. Sure, I and many of my friends, were born with a disability, but only Nick can relate to what it is like to be Nick, to live life without arms and legs, blessed with what he refers to his "little chicken drumstick." An incredible wee limb that enables him to do more than any of us could imagine doing with two hands! (watch the video, read his book, you'll see!) You have to listen to his story, to even begin to grasp even a little, how this beautiful boy went from times of questions, despair and even thoughts of suicide at ten years old, to where he is now!
And Barriers, to Nick? You'll see for yourself, as far as I can deduce, it appears that he has none! From my experience, some are in our know, if you believe it is a barrier, then it is. Really Anita? In your head only? Well, yes, I get it. There is no denying that there are the physical barriers that no matter what I think, those stairs that I pull up to in my three hundred pound power wheelchair, are not going away.  So then, am I going to let the fact that I can't get up those stairs leave me feeling left out and hopeless and feel sorry for myself? Or, am I going to brush it off and trust that God has somewhere else I am to go? That reminds me, Craig and I have a family "barrier" story to share regarding a wedding and us not being able to go... but I will share that in another entry. 

So if you want to be inspired and join people like Nick - living life to the max, go for it! He definitely encourages all to think out of the "norm." Of course, even if my body was able to do every imaginable activity, if Jesus isn't the Lord of my life then it would all be meaningless. Like Joni Eareckson Tada says "I would Rather Be in the wheelchair knowing him (Jesus) than on my feet without Him. And it is clear Nick would concur!
There are a bazillion ways to adapt activities, and building, vehicles, and such so we can enjoy them. The choice is really up to each of us, so we can't blame it on our bodies. It's all about attitude and how we view things. I may not be Mrs. Adventure, but it depends what we view adventure as. Myself for example,  thanks to the life Jesus gives me, I am very content hanging at home creating and doing things like sitting here writing this!  No matter what you are created to do, you will do it.  

As you meet Nick through the bio video called: "I've Got Questions," you will see that Nick, like all of us are fearfully and wonderfully made, just as God designed us.

Oh and I  must mention, in February 2012 (I believe), God answered Nick's heart's desire, to marry a woman, handpicked by God! (I was praying for you Nick, and I assume that if you married her, she isn't just  beautiful on the outside, but the inside as well) Congratulations Nick!

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