Friday, October 2, 2015

Craig's Xtender Wheel Update...Four Months Later....

Hi. We made a video about Craig's new wonderful Xtender Power assist wheels about 4 months ago. He still loves them and they are helping his chronic shoulder issues.

Unfortunately, he had some problem with the wheels making a constant clicking sound.The company Sunrise Medical /Quickie that provides them did replace them. Thankful for that.
Bummer part,  after day one, the new pair began making the same clicking sound. It doesn't feel good having to report the same problem again because  they may think you are kooky. (Okay that is just how I think sometimes) But, we have to, so Craig did call the vendor, I let Quickie know and now we will wait to see what the company that makes them says.

Decided to make this video to see if anyone else was having the same issue. Is it normal for them?
We assumed that since it didn't click at first and the fact that they replaced the three month old wheels, (he waited to see if it would go away first), that it isn't normal. The wheels, as you will see, do work.
Corresponding You Tube Video Here...

Craig loves them and I am still happy to see him be able to have such a great device that helps his shoulder so much. So we do hope Quickie can figure out what is happening.
Also made this video for Quickie so they can hear the sound to aid in hopefully, finding a solution to this model. The test model he tried out last year, was an older model and it made no sounds for the whole 2 weeks he had them.

Modifications were made to his Quickie wheelchair in order to enable the installation. We were wondering if that meant something is wonky?? Any ideas or thoughts.

He does recommend this brand of power assist wheels to anyone who sees him. Just praying it will all be corrected and he won't have to worry if they are going to stop working or not. In Canada, these wheels are expensive, which means expectations are high. Just like a vehicle you want it to work, at least for the first year of warranty :o) Well, hopefully for years. He is being very careful with them.

Day one, four months ago. He loves these wheels. Sure hope it all gets fixed for him.

We are both supporters of Sunrise Medical and believe that they care about the customer.  The Shoppers Corporation, we believe they care about devoted customers like my husband.  We will will keep you posted to see what happens.

Anyone else who may have this problem? Let us know if you found out the cause. It sounds like some small thing is in the hub and just clicking around whether the power is turned on or off.
Comments? Thoughts? Insight? or Questions about mobility devices or Quickie Xtender Power Assist wheels, write it down below.

Have a Happy Day!

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