Saturday, November 5, 2016

NEWS FLASH! My Man In Motion...Craig's Wheels, Old...Now New!!

Finally, after adjusting from a desktop computer, testing an IPad, and compromising with my first ever lap top... I have completed the long awaited, much anticipated "Craig Gets His New Wheelchair!" expose :o)
Because he has had it for a couple of months, it isn't new anymore, but hey, better late than never. It made me happy to know that my dear husband has gone from a very old (in chair years), literally falling apart wheelchair to a brand new, safe set of wheels! Never before have I seen, nor have any of my old manual chairs been used to the point that pieces can be pulled off! Take a look in the video below to see what I am talking about.
Are You Looking for a new Wheelchair? 
When it comes to Craig and I, we both  recommend the QUICKIE brand. So we are biased. We do recommend researching brands. These days online, it is easy to check out actual chairs and the companies and all the models available as well as, having access to the feelings, thoughts and reviews of actual wheelchair users. Who better to ask than actual users! As a wheelchair user most of my fifty years of life, it always bothered me when mobility equipment and such is designed by non-users.
Watch Craig's First Day With His New Chair And Two Months Later!
Click here or the YouTube video  image below!)

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