Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Welcome to Our World!!

Hi, I'm Anita and my husband is Craig! We love life and most of all we love life because of Jesus Christ, it is He who gave us new life in Him,  body, soul and spirit! Why would anyone want to hear about my life? Well, just as God used the lives of others like Joni Eareckson Tada, to inspire and encourage millions, including me (I strongly suggest you check her out here - link to the right of this page) For years now, there has been a strong desire to write a book about the many unique challenges, trials, lessons and joys, victories, and eventually total peace that has been my life, well His life, because it isn't mine to claim but a gift from God. And he had made it clear that because this life is not mine, and because He has blessed me with a vast array of life experiences from trauma, to joy - a life that no one else has lived (trust me, if you stick around you will find that out!), that I am to testify to all He has done to glorify Him, and to encourage anyone else who may be where I was at over thirty years ago. Help and support wasn't a click away back then and now it is!

Walking, Way Overrated is intended to be a place of support and encouragement for anyone, especially anyone who has a child or loved one, friend, or colleague who lives with, or is facing a disability or illness and they aren't sure what to do to help them. Or if you are someone who has just been diagnosed with a progressive disorder or disease such as multiple sclerosis, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and you are terrified of the future prognosis and are actually toying with the ideas presented in recanted news reports about assisted suicide. You are tempted to believe that to choose the date of your demise would be more dignified than to endure until God decides when you are to leave earth.

Maybe you are in a hospital, recovering and are in rehabilitation after the trauma of a spinal cord or head injury and you are struggling with thoughts of suicide or asking your friend to help you "check out" because you believe there is no point if you will never walk again, you feel alone and forsaken. Or maybe you are like me, born with a disability, a life you have always known as "normal." That was until, you would hear family members refer to you in a way that seemed to get them attention as whoever they were talking to felt sorry for them. Meanwhile, you are the one they are talking about...you feel rejected and "different" and it was proved when at school one day, it began, a handful of your fellow students started bullying and teasing you. Because of the foundation laid by what you heard at home about yourself, deep down you believed that you deserved that treatment, so you didn't tell or haven't  told your parents. In my case by age eleven, I was sent away to an institution and the bullying stopped but, how I viewed my self didn't and it fertilized my mind causing the rapid growth of some very self destructive behaviours. (More details on all that in the future)

If any of the above persons are you, or if you are just interested in hearing about one amazingly transformed life - one that went from death and darkness to joy and light, then make sure you subscribe so you can hear  the entire story.

This Little Light of Mine...
"Hide it under a bushel, no, I'm gonna let it shine!"