Thursday, February 16, 2017

Managing Winter In Ontario Canada: Watch Craig De-Ice

Watch Below  Craig deal with ice!

Now the question is, what are the seasonal challenges one might face when living with a physical disability? For us here in Canada, the effects of winter, late fall through mid spring, are when our biggest seasonal challenges faced.   It may seem trivial to some, until you face winter at least one third of the year.
This year we have been blessed with a not so normal winter, So far. Here it is February 13, 2017 and this morning the thermometer started climbing to plus five celsius!  Not common for this neck of the woods. But, warmer may be nicer, however as Craig was reminded today, warmth combined with a huge recent snowfall, and uncleaned sidewalks and streets, it isn't as great as it sounds when you can't stay home.  

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