Wednesday, June 24, 2015


If you use wheels for legs like we do, then you know all about the potential for flat tires. It's why I opt for "no-flats." After one too many flat tires on my power chair, it seemed like the best solution. However, they only work if you can handle feeling every single bump and crack. Craig's pain is amplified by bumps and cracks, so pneumatic (air) wheels work best for him. For the last year however, he has had one rear tire that springs a leak far too often. Even more mysterious, the leak is

always near the same spot on the tube.

This video is about looking for the reason behind the annoying leak. Lo and behold, he discovered something we never would have known about if he didn't look for a cause. It wasn't a tack, a pin, piece of glass or a and see. We figured we should share the discovery, incase it happens to you or someone you know. Then you won't have to go through the repeated frustration we did. Even better we are trying a solution to stop it from happening again.

You may be surprised at what caused his leak.

Take a look.
If you have had this experience, let us know. If you have any questions about wheelchair maintenance, we'd love to hear from you. Between Craig and I, we have over 50 years experience of using power and manual wheelchairs. So we know a little bit that can help. 
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