Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Bridging The Gap!

Recently our under van lift made by the Braun Corporation hasn't been working so well. Thanks to God's leading, by putting the idea into our head, we were able to call on a good helpful friend Maurice, to make what we needed to make our unusable lift, usable. We are waiting for the part to get the lift totally fixed, but frankly, I feel safer with our new aluminum bridge. Not sure what I am talking about? That is why I am posting the "Thank You" video about this very subject.

Under Van Lift vs Inside Van Lift.
Our lift is called an "under Van Lift" which means it stores or stows away under our van. The one I grew up with that my folks had was the more typical inside van lift. It takes up interior space and would hinder me being able to sit beside my husband while I drive. See a previous video all about our wonderful van below. (or click here)

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