Monday, December 14, 2015

Wheelchair Maintenance: Spoke Tightening

Not sure how I figured this out back in the late 1970s but I did. Spoke tightening. Yes, wheelchair wheels/tires require maintenance. Just like bicycle tires need spoke tightening and even replacing at times. Maybe that is where I got the idea to check out my spokes and tighten them. It was long before the internet. I just plunked my fanny on the front steps and somewhere learned to check and tighten my spokes.

On that note, recently, my husband was believing his new wheels have some loose spokes. Out of concern, when I saw what he was about to do with a pair of humongous vice grips, I stopped him and said let's look up the subject. After all, his wheels are brand new. The clicking hasn't returned and we want to leave it that way. Much to my disappointment though, he did say that there is a different sound coming from his new wheels and when he fiddles with some of the spokes, it goes away. Frankly, I don't hear it, nor does it make sense. Between you and me, I think the months of clicking are imprinted on his brain!

Glad he put down the jurassic park like, dino teeth tool and watched this helpful, well done video with me. We learned that tightening spokes properly, is akin to tuning a guitar. Something I remember my Dad doing often with his. We never knew about strumming the spokes to listen for specific pinging tones, and tightening until they are "true." Here, I just use to torque my little whatever tool, until they seemed taught.  

This video was useful and a good resource to have and share.
Needless to say, Craig put his ginormous vice grip pliers away and stopped what he was about to do...attack his spokes until we have a proper tool.
Watch The Helpful Video Here

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