Wednesday, July 20, 2016

MEET RICH! Creating Your Own Adaptive Devices - Living Like I Always Did

Meet Rich from Handi Help!
The other day as I was browsing, I discovered this inspiring man named Rich. He is 6 foot 5 inches and severed his spinal cord about 17 years ago. He is all about creating adaptions in order to enable he and others like us, to be able to be as independent as posible, enjoying all the activities prior to the onse
t of a disability. He has quite the ingenious mind. I am fifty, was born with my disability and never considered some of Rich's most helpful solutions!
Share this with anyone you know who may benefit from some pretty cool problem solving - all to not miss out on "normal" life!
I highly suggest checking out Rich's kayaking ang Sled dog racing fun too!
Below are just a few of his many great videos as well.
Be encouraged.

How To Improve Your Grip, click here.
Winter In A Wheelchair, click here.

How To Close Your Door With Ease

Picking Up A Book
Fishing From A Wheelchair
There's No Place Like Home
Raised Gardens for Access

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