Tuesday, July 5, 2016

OUR WEDDING STORY: The Finale! Just Some Photos....

 Well, I decided enough words and video about our wedding story and thought it best to just share some photos about it instead! :o)

( For privacy reason, I am not naming all of the people in our wedding pictures because I don't have permission to do so. Incase you are wondering why, I haven't named names)

Yay, we are getting married soon! 
We miss Aunty Cleo!  This was an "engagement" party get together at Craig's home.
The wedding rehearsal night. Friends and family! October 19, 2001
My handsome Dad, getting ready at my apartment. 
My beautiful Mom, ready for the wedding at my apartment.
Left to right- Some of my pretty family members at my apartment before the wedding at 11am. My Auntie, who made my dress and our wedding cake, as well as other culinary delights! My Mom who cooked the majority of the food we all ate. My cousin's daughter, she sang beautifully while Dad and I came down the aisle and her Mom, my close cousin who was my bridesmaid.

The same beautiful ladies as above as well as my pretty sister and my cousin's handsome son. All in my kitchen, just before the morning wedding!

My pretty sister, and matron of honour, striking a "doing my hair" pose. But if she was the one who did my hair, I wouldn't have had so much hairspray stuck to my head! Caution brides to be, never hire an unknown lady to do your hair without any prep or trial "do's!"

Dear Dad, getting me to that church on time!
One of my handsome cousins in our van on our way to the church!
Ceremony time!
My sister's beautiful decorating on a very low budget :o)
One of Craig's sisters and her husband later in the day at Craig's, Pop's home.
Pops and I.

My Mom and Dad!

You know who they are now!

My parents, sister, cousin and Craig's cousin and his friend (our wedding party) 
My handsomest husband! 
My beloved, handsome nephew!
My cousin's beautiful daughter!
My cousin's handsome son!  Can you tell these two are brother and sister?!
One of my best friends and sister in Christ, Jan. I miss her a lot and look forward to seeing her in Heaven one day soon!


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