Friday, March 17, 2017

UPDATED: Curiosities: Strange sky sounds In Ontario, Canada.

UPDATE March 18, 2017
Thought it would be best to share some video compilations from other YouTube channels that capture the "trumpetish" sounds that we heard.  It is why the sound got our attention. Because we have NEVER hear it ourselves in real life until that day, But had been researching the subject on the net.
Source videos are at the bottom of the page.

 Hello everyone! Well I guess whoever is reading this, Hello. Ever hear of the term "strange sky noises?" It may seem like a really bizarre Post, five or six years ago I would've concurred. My husband and I, like researching current events, conspiracy theories/ facts, and various curiosities that arise on the World Wide Web, especially YouTube. No doubt, there are some very strange things out here, but we know not everyone could be making these things up.

In fact, in our city on March 11 2017, it happened... We heard it for ourselves. With the doors shut and windows closed, still a little too cool in northwestern Ontario, there were some familiar sounds coming from outside. I grab the camera to try and record the audio part and that is what the video below is about. We live on Lake superior, well our city is on the lake shore. In fact we are referred to as the lakehead. Because we have watched/listen to, a lot of YouTube videos Sharing that recorded strange Skype noises, the sound was very familiar.  not because it was a freighter, Tanker or a train horn - my husband has lived here his entire life I knows although sounds. It was very familiar because listening to News stories and people videos that they have posted over the last five years.

Here it is if you're curious.

If anyone has any idea or answers as to what I sound like that could be, please leave comments under the YouTube video. This is a family friendly log and channel, so please keep that in mind.
What is very strange, is the sounds was so loud that we could hear it, like I said, with everything close in our home. And yet, at both times when it occurred for about maybe two minutes or so, the audio that was recorded shows up in the sound waves on the movie maker program and yet, and some places I had to delete the video because to listen with your ears reveals no sound really at all. That is why the videos are edited to just when the sound can be heard Best. It is why I copied and pasted the two events a few times. Like I said, Google the subject strange sky noises, and you will hear a familiar sound. Very curious indeed. We trust God knows what all this is about. Maybe it is just some Bucket on a front end loader  scraping the asphalt somewhere? Kind of hope so :o)

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Here is One Of Our Favourite Guys To Watch and Listen To: L. A. Marzulli About Strange Sky Noises

Video/Audio Compilations.
There are so many videos on this topic, I just want to share these two for now. Viewer discretion is advised- unfortunately sometimes those recording are cussing. In This video the same sounds we heard can be heard aabout the 3 minute: 44 second mark:

Below the Same Sounds we heard are at about the 3:30 mark. Strongly suggest watching the entire video though.

Below: This on Is From Dubai (again same sound/tone)

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