Monday, March 6, 2017

SHARING LIFE! Have A Bite! This Is A Cake Walk...Fun Life Events - Sharing Time!

Wish you could taste this cake....The best I can do, is share the photos. Since this blog is about our life, then hey, sharing the besets birthday cake place ever, Dagwood, makes sense.
Sit back and drool! Never thought I  would love strawberry. You have to watch the  video below to find out how I discovered such a delectable delight! And to see some very pretty photos. Getting hungry just writing about it!
Watch The Video Below!

My husband had this cake delivered by the lady who so beautifully decorated it. She wasn't given a lot of notice, and still made the perfect turquoise icing and feminine floral motif. Beats Cake Boss Buddy by far! Up for the challenge Buddy ;0)

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