Sunday, February 18, 2018

Walking Way Overrated: (Video) Fridge Talk - Food Safety . Being Fridge-less . Access To It- Part #1

We take a lot of things for granted these days. Refrigeration indoors is one of those things. A couple weeks ago, we noticed some funky food doors emanating from our Kitchenmaid fridge that was fifteen years old. Clearly, the freezer wasn't going to temperature at safe levels. To confirm that, we took our outside thermometer and used it to check the fridge and freezer. Sure enough, both sides were ten degrees (in Celsius) too low.

Confirmed by our trusted Fridge Doctor,(really, that is his company name), we ordered an inexpensive, discontinued Fridgidaire. Craig is the one who accesses the fridge so the question was, should we get one with the side by side, like we had but clearly had difficulties accessing areas when using a wheelchair. Or, do we get the traditional upper freezer, with lower fridge or vice versa? Years ago I  had an accessible apartment with the side by side and assumed that was the more accessible type refrigerator. But after having our own for fifteen years, we concluded that because of the vertical divide, the shelves are narrow and deeply inset, making it harder to reach more areas.

The Bottom freezer idea would mean not being able to reach down and in deep enough, limiting access. And not being able to access the upper most fridge shelves.

Top Freezer, or the Old fashioned style would work best.  Ideally, if you require an accessible fridge, if you can, please go to a store and try reaching and getting to all the parts you need to, to help make your decision. This is just our opinion....

Watch Part One Of Our Fridge-less AdventureBelow!
We will show more in the video part 2 shortly.

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

An UpLIFTing Adventure? Part 2 -The Video, Un-Cut

Oh Okay remember yesterday? If you Are new to Our recent adventures And don't know what On earth, Am I  talking about... And YOU, really really want to know, Just click this link to go to yesterday.  Pretty amazing when you think about it, Only on Internet Land can we relive the past so vividly. Sometimes that's a great thing other times, not so much.

I don't want to spoil the ending, So I will say no more. Grab a nice warm, Comforting Beverage or a Refreshing, icey cold one, Depending on which Half of the equator you live on, And find out The answers To Nagging questions such as...
1. Were Anita's tears, tears of joy, Or tears of sadness? 
2. How much hair and my husband had back in the 1970s
3. Did Craig make it back home okay? 

Watch the video Below to find Out

Monday, January 8, 2018

An UpLIFTing Adventure?

If you're new to Walking Way Overrated, you might want to check out this video/ blog Post, to catch up on what's been happening to my poor husband Craig trying to get into our wheelchair accessible van.  On the other hand, If you've been hanging around WWO for a while, one of our dear friends who actually know our situation, meaning we've seen you face-to-face, looked each other straight in the eye, then you know what's been happening. Not saying that people online aren't friends, I think you know what I mean.

It is actually been a couple of weeks since Craig was able to run errands or use our van for whatever, because he has been stuck in our van two times in a week. We've had two technicians look at our wheelchair lift since then, and of course both times the list work pretty good. The conclusion from both were, possibly the remote control system. But that's all I'm going to say because I made a video sharing the exciting adventures that Craig has recently been on. Or has he?
Watch our newest video/vlog today-right below

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Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Keeping It Real, Life Share: Sure Hope Gazette: Christians That don't "do" Christmas?

Since Christmas is very much in our lives whether we want it or not, thought it would be appropriate to have a "Keeping It Real, Life Share" and pass on this article we just did from our other blog... just click the link to see.
Sure Hope Gazette: Christians That don't "do" Christmas?: Do you Remember? Chestnuts roasting by an open fire, Jack Frost nipping at your nose (Frankly if there Was a guy gnawing on my nose, I...

Someone reading this might ask, What Do your views on Christmas Have to do with your blog walking way overrated? To that My husband and I would say, Since this Blog is about our life as a whole, What we believe in, What we celebrate Or don't, What we enjoy, What bothers us, Our questions About whatever, Wally like to do for fun, What would like to avoid....All of it Pertains to our life. I know we mostly talk about Topics related to living with a physical disability, But obviously, Our lives are very well-rounded....Ha ha, a joke about our round wheels just came into my mind- Would that be considered a pun? It doesn't hurt that my physical body is actually well-rounded to, Ha ha. Okay enough silliness.

Hope you all have a wonderful 2018. It is so difficult to believe we are Almost there already.
Okay, I can't resist sharing this. so I will post a new article by tonight.... :o)

Saturday, December 23, 2017

Walking Way Overrated: Somebody Dial 9-1-1- Or Don't?

Hi guys! If you've been following this blog/vlog at all, then you know it's been one of the craziest weeks of the year. Anything that wasn't so great, seemed to happen, happened. But then, as always, where are reminded of God's loving care and protection. Because things could've been a lot worse, if we weren't under His protection. Case in point, Watch the video below and you'll know what I mean....

Thanks for stopping by. Hope you all enjoy the holiday time with your friends and family.
the Bergies

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Life Share, Keeping It Real- Ch...Ch....Ch... CHANGES

Hi guys. W.W.O. is about our lives, and here's a big part of our life. Since I have been encouraged by others on the world wide web during trying times, hopefully one person out there may need to hear this. Only God knows.
watch Part 1
watch Part 2

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

DIY Tripod Arm....WORLDS COLLIDE: Walking, Way, Overrated & Heartfully Creating

Walking Way Overrated, Is intended to be a Site Basically about our lives. Can't really call it a blog or a vlog, We pretty much cover A huge Range of topics that Involve our lives somehow. And sometimes we share stuff we find useful, inspiring or just plain fun.

HeArtfully Creating, Is my creativity blog. Can you call it a blog if it has artistic Video tutorials and other things that aren't really blog like?  (check it out here if you want to know what I mean.) Either way H.C. has a definite focus. whereas, W.W.O is more of a collage of our lives.  H.C. is like one piece of that collage.

All that being said, I was having fun today Trying out our new Samsung J3 Galaxy phone. We are actually using our older Galaxy As our mobile phone because we don't have a data plan. Our phone is for emergencies, texting and Craig plays online chess with a dear friend when he's at home.
But since three years have passed and our contract was up a long time ago,  our company offers free phones if you sign a two-year contract. So hey, Why not get a new phone for nothing. We don't like the bigger phones for mobility so we tick to the old one as a phone.
What do you call it if you don't really use it as a phone, but it is a phone? Does anyone else Use their "phone" as a device to do internet stuff and not a phone? It is like having an IPod.

Worlds Collide
Waiting for our new phone case to come from Ebay in China (3-12 weeks?), I had just made a very messy looking phone cover using a hot glue gun technique (look the DIY's on YouTube!).  I could now finally hold the new super slippery, thin, big phone now. It would slip and slide so much, I just kept dropping it. If you are in a pinch and have gripping issues, or don't want to waste mega bucks for a phone shop case, glue gun glue covers work pretty good. Can't wait for my glittery silicone one arrives next year though.

So, wanting to play with our new  device,  I was filming Craig, amazed that a light can shine from the phone when you film if you want! And we thought it was super cool when we discovered an app called "Oxygen Measurement" that takes your blood pressure, oxygen levels, heart rate, hearing and vision test and even psychological measurements! Okay, that is  still the coolest app ever!
That light in Craig's face video is this one:
After I blinded him filming, I wanted to see the difference without the built-in  flashlight.  I got him to show the cool DIY bending/elbow tripod  he just made me from our unused desk lamp. Since HeArtfully Creating is my creativity site, and W.W.O. is our life stuff- worlds felt like they collided. Both blogs could host this video! Now it will be much easier for me to do my polymer clay/creativity tutorials!
Take a look Below
From Desk Lamp To Tripod  

Friday, November 24, 2017

Walking Way Overrated: Anita's Newest Wheelchair Update

Hi guys! Autumn is pretty much gone here in Northwestern, Ontario. Snow lightly covers the ground, and the temperatures are still fluctuating 10-15 degrees- last week minus ten celsius, today plus sevenish and rain sprinkles! Only the Good Lord knows what tomorrow will bring. (That, for those who don't know, was a "Canadian moment!" We talk about the weather daily.

On that note, I am having an "Anita Moment." These days, that is sharing a recent update on my new chair process in live action video. So if you really need a diversion take a watch below.

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Anita's New Chair Process: Finding a source of PAIN- When using a new wheelchair

Hi guys! As you know (Well, That's if you follow this blog at all) I have been going through and getting a new chair process. Just when I thought everything was a go, Turns out the back I thought would work is causing some pain.  So
much pain and discomfort, That I needed to go back Into my old clunker  wheelchair. Don't get me wrong, it is still - "Old Faithful," and I am thankful for it, that is for sure. It can cause pain too, but, the reasons are covered in my new short video.

I decided to do an illustration to show reasons your wheelchair may be causing pain. What matters most is finding the cause so you ca rectify it. Now this is only if you know for sure it is NOT due to your condition. I have severe 80 degree plus scoliosis "S" curve with rotation. 

Watch My SHORT Video Below

Monday, October 23, 2017

OUR Sizzling 16th Anniversary: Celebrating Bergie Style

Craig's way to celebrate sixteen years of wedded bliss. How we keep the "sizzle" in our marriage!
watch our short adventure videos below.

watch Part 1-Side Dish Pasta, Broccoli, Mozza Cheese Bake
watch Part 2: Craig's way to celebrate sixteen years of wedded bliss
Heat pan very hot. Add butter and drop well seasoned steak into pan. A sizzle must be heard.
Note: Keep camera farther away-fogged up.
watch Part 3- Prime Rib Steak
watch Part 4- Sizzling Time

watch Part 5- Prime Rib Steak
Tent meat with foil for five minutes

watch Part 6- Is It Cooked?

It all worked out well. We ate too  much as usual!!
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Sunday, October 15, 2017

Anita's New Wheelchair: Size And Shape Matters

Watch Below Our Bracket Investigation Video
Okay, it has been ten days  since my last wheelchair update (click here to see.) Wanting to be able to review the various components to this complex Power chair, I thought I would share where we are at so far. It isn't fair to give any reviews because some components like the back, still needs adjustments. However, I can say what I think so far.
More than just I, Benefit from a comfortable fitting headrest

It is important to remember that when sitting in a new wheelchair, to not to make judgment calls immediately. For instance, the day I got to go back into the "saddle," I told my sales person everything felt pretty comfortable. She knows from experience, and I too am learning, that you can't tell if something is going to be comfortable until you have used it or sat in or on it, for at least 24 to 48 hours. Perfect case in point. Remember the story of the first cushion we tried? Within minutes I thought it would be okay, but after one hour, I was pleading to get off of it!
Today I want to focus on the state of my newest headrest...
Talk About The Headrest 
The newest one: Now why won't this go in easily?

I mentioned in the last post about my new chair, it was my third attempt, trying out a new headrest and bracket. The first two headrest pads that we tried, caused my head to have numb spots and even pain at times when tilting for any length of time. We've all had our legs or arms fall asleep, imagine it happening to your scalp! Who knew pins and needles could happen there too. I am happy to report, the new larger size, along with a deeper curve has left my head with all of its feeling intact, at all times. :o)  That's a good thing in a headrest.

Clearly my lumpy and large head needed more support and padding. We went from a ten inch to a fourteen inch wide "PLUSH" model from Whitmyer. Size matters when it comes to headrests. Having the right size, is a huge improvement. Ten days later and still loving the comfort of it.  Still waiting for the sheepskin cover, then it will stand up for it's name, PLUSH!

The rectangle hole that
should be a square.
ONE PIECE, MANY PARTS...Headrest pads don't stand alone. They need to be mounted on brackets, that make them removable from the chair's back, as well as adjustable. For instance we remove my head rest every time I need to transfer, in or out of my wheelchair. It is in the way otherwise.

Shape Matters
Unfortunately on day two,   when I went to tilt my wheelchair back, the headrest moved back and forth, not locking, no matter how tight we turned the lever knob. Puzzled and surprised, we tried to figure out what was going on. Wanting to see what was happening, I got Craig to film it (watch my poor quality video at top of the post)
Turns out, as you can see in the video at the top of this page (sorry for the quality- still waiting for my YouTube appeal to come through) and photos,
the post is square and is inserted into a rectangle shape, therefore leaving too much room so the headrest cannot be properly secured, leaving room to shift back and forth.
For now, we have been making it work.
As soon as my salesperson returns from vacation, hopefully they can get the correct part and my comfy sheepskin cover will be in!

Next time for my chair Update...I want to have some Back Talk!

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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

HeArtfully Creating: STRIKES?? No YouTube Videos For Now....

Hi guys. After three upload attempts  to YouTube, I keep receiving "Community Guidelines" Strikes. Nothing like that has ever happened before so I am trying to be patient while I wait for the results of my appeal. In no way did anything in my faux stained glass tutorial violate YT's guidelines. Based on what I have learned, I re-watched the video and though maybe the computer algorithm thingy mis-heard a word on my video. Some words apparently cause red flags when YouTubers post videos with those words. I don't  understand how they can twist and flag videos like mine, a clearly "safe," one - disrupting all productivity, based on non-human judgments. Oh well, nothing I can do now but wait for them to deal with my appeals.
I will still be posting articles, but for now, they just won't come with the videos that I love making.

Click this link below to see more about this topic.

HeArtfully Creating: STRIKES?? No YouTube Videos For Now....: Hi guys. After three upload attempts  to YouTube, I keep receiving "Community Guidelines" Strikes. Nothing like that has ever ha...

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Unexpected Journey: Back In The Saddle Again!

Yay, just a couple of days since my Braking Question, I  am back in the saddle again! If you are interested in knowing a wee bit about my buying a new wheelchair process, wath the brand NEW Video I made just after our vendor and technician set everything into motion. Three backs and headrests later, we have selected what most likely, will work best for me,