Wednesday, June 29, 2016

OUR WEDDING STORY- Almost There... Part #4

Now, The Rest Of Our Story...
...(Continued from part ONE, Part TWO, and Part THREE (Click each number to go to it's corresponding part in out story)

Sharing our wedding story is quite an enjoyable thing to do. Wanting to share this story in a more personal way, I decided to make a video telling this part of the story.
It is never a bad thing to reflect and remember wonderful events in our lives. And for me, all events, good and not so good, are all a blessing. Without all the aspects of our lives, we wouldn't have lessons learned and our lives changed, changed forever...forever, for the good.
Telling the ongoing story of the incredible life God has blessed with, is also an opportunity to give honour to Whom honour is due. Who is that you may ask?  If it wasn't for our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ and His saving, life giving work in our lives, we wouldn't be here. Not only would there not be a wedding story to share, there wouldn't be any "us" to speak of.

My Grandpa E, My Sister and Me...even this young,
my heart was to be married one day!
Before I continue on with the last segment of our "New Beginnings" together, it is important to me to share the state of heart God brought us to, in order to prepare us for marriage. You see I had spent my entire life believing that being loved and having someone to love would fill my heart to over flowing. That I would be so happy, I wouldn't be able to contain myself. Over and over, mistake after mistake....well click the video below to hear what I am trying to say....

Below is the link to a Video article to the Next Part of Our Wedding Story 
(Click the image to watch it). 

May the our lives be a testimony to all that our dear Lord God has done and is always doing in my life and I know Craig's too.

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My dear sister in Christ Jan, who is in Heaven....

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