Thursday, June 9, 2016


You Before Me Film Is A Propaganda Film...Don't Believe the lies they are promoting....
Assisted Suicide is suicide non-the-less. Murder. It will always be murder, be it murder of your self or of someone else because they were assisted, it is still taking a life that is not your's or our's to take. God is the ONLY One in charge of life.
At first when I watched the movie trailer for "You Before Me, initially I was lured into the over all cuteness and the fact that I saw the main character was a person who used a wheelchair. There was an apparent romance (however unethical with the person's nurse, but I would have to confirm that), who doesn't like that in  a movie...Well, then a friend send me notices about what this movie was really promoting. And then another dear friend sent me the link to the below article yesterday. And article written by one of my hero's, Joni Eareckson Tada.
Even if they say please do it! It isn't right to do. Read this great short article about the newest propaganda film to promote these lies called "You Before Me." Click HERE to read her article.
Joni Eareckson Tada herself experienced the
temptation to want to escape the consequences of her tragic diving accident back in 1967. She was seventeen years old and was facing the fact that her spinal cord was broken which meant she would face life using a wheelchair full time, due to paralysis from about her chest down. But praise God, He didn't let her friend give into her  request for assistance. This can be read about in the autobiography Joni penned, called "Joni." As well as by watching Joni play her self in the bio pic called "JONI." It is excellent.
It is mind numbing to hear those who actually believe the lie that due to physical disability or injury or whatever it is, quality of life doesn't exist.

To learn more about the value of all life, watch a plethora of great videos of the lives who inspire Joni from Joni And Friends. There are great documentaries about Joni as well.

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