Sunday, January 27, 2013

No Arms, No Legs, No Worries!

We all know why caterpillars are all bundled up in their cocoon or is it called a chrysalis? Hmm, must do some research. Anyhoo, this morning as my husband and I were waiting for our weekly online church service to begin, I wanted to show Craig a video interview of an incredible man we have shared with readers before, Mr. Nick Vujcic. Last February, God answered one of his prayers about marriage and now he and his lovely wife are expecting! Here is the video interview of the blissful couple.
As we were on You Tube watching the above video I gazed down the list. You know the list of other You Tube videos we might like...the list always leads to watching other videos. Videos, that you never planned to look at to begin with. That is the challenge I face every time I am on the net! The urge to look up a topic or person hits me, so I search, and before I know it, usually something else catches my eye and surprise! Suddenly, I am looking at topics that may not even be close to the original topic! Ever ask yourself this..."What was it I was suppose to be searching for?

Ooops, back to the topic, (see what I mean!). Today however, I believe we were meant to see this video. At least it was still about Nick! The film below, is a short film, about twenty four minutes, called "Butterfly Circus." At first it's heartbreaking, but keep watching! We knew Nick wouldn't be acting in something that had no purpose or point. This film has a powerful message, full of meaning and richness.

Walking, Way Overrated is meant to be a blog that provides resources and inspirational persons and stories to encourage and assist all persons who are differently abled, or for family, friends or anyone who is just interested. That being said, it means we also  share our own experiences as well. As you will see in the video, we may not have been part of any circus that exploits others who may be deemed as "unique." But, all who use various methods to move around, or if we have any visible characteristics that cause others too stare, we can relate to what "Will" is experiencing in this video. If you do hide out because the stares and taunts of others who are just plain ignorant, stop! Been there, done that. More in the next entry.

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