Tuesday, April 5, 2016

CRAIG'S QUICKIE XTENDER WHEELS- Spoke Too Soon Continued Pt #2

Craig just had a seating clinic today because he is in need of a new wheelchair. Because he has always used Quickie brand manual wheelchairs, he is hoping to get what would be his 5th Quickie wheelchair. I too loved my pink manual Quickie chair, but Ineed a power chair so I had it only as a back up.
In Ontario, for anyone who doesn't know if you live here, there is a government program called ADP (Assistive Device Program). If approved, the client is eligible for seventy five percent coverage for mobility devices. I am not sure about anything else except coverage of wheelchairs and the cushions we need for them.

Less than a year ago, he was blessed with his new Quickei Xtender Power assist wheels. Here is the day he got to use them for the first time (click here.)

He is still loving them. But if you have been reading this blog at all, he is on his 3rd set of wheels under warranty. I won't repeat all that has happened, the links to all the articles are in the more info portion below the YouTube video. Right away this familiar clicking happened again, but he finally saw it was because of a dead spoke. Here is part one of what has recently happened with his spokes. Click here:
Spoke Too Soon  so see that part.
Today, besides sharing the exciting news at hopefully getting a new manual wheelchair, I wanted to post a video we made last night to record the clicking sound and how the spokes are affected when he just squeezes them....watch here:

My hope again is that the company, Quickie/Surise Medical will be able to learn about the specific problem by watching this video. We believe there may be a fault in the spokes since it is his third replacement pair, with the same clicking sound. Not sure, just keep trying to figure it out so all will be fixed and safe.
We are presently still waiting for a response about getting the now two broken spokes fixed. Craig keeps loving his wheels and isn't too worried about whether they will be fixed. Me on the other hand, I am happy for him about the way they help him so much. And I am glad they were taking care of the issues the last couple of times. It's just the ongoing issue that concerns me and wondering why the manufacturer of the wheels apparently haven't told our vendor what to do about the broken and disconcerting spokes. I am just a tad paranoid, I pray all will go well for him. He really is blessed by the Quickie products and I want it to all be taken care of for good. Can't tell you how much it stresses me, when I hear the click. I just ask God for help to not worry!!

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