Friday, March 9, 2018

Replacing A Mattress For Adjustable Bed: Watch Our "Unboxing" and Review of The Logan and Cove Mattress In A Box

Recently we realized our brand new twinxl mattresses that were only six months old, were just not helping my back. We have a great Leggett and Platt adjustable bed. See here to learn more about that in a previous post with video. The new mattress on my side was sinking too far after only a couple weeks. For sixteen years we have been using the same adjustable bed, but needed to replace the very excellent Sealy for adjustable beds, mattresses. Our king size bed is comprised of two twin xl beds.
Because bed support is super important for people with back issues, like severe scoliosis, it was clear we needed to replace the new Simmons mattresses from the Brick.

Not in the mood to figure out what would work best. Afraid of buying another wrong mattress, I tried researching the only brick and mortar stores I knew of like the Brick, Leons and Dufrenes. But nothing made me feel confident they would work out. Beds can't really be truly returned. In fact because twin xl's are custom made, the Brick said there was no way to return or exchange them. Not to mention, I was scared of wasting more money we didn't have.

Bed support is critical
So while we watched review after review about beds/mattresses, I remember seeing the Logan and Cove website pop up. Craig asked me to check out the Endy mattress online and I think that was how the other popped up. Needless to say, we ordered an Endy pillow (slept on it two nights- too firm, not squishable...more on that in the future) but, the mattress didn't feel right. Never interested in just a foam mattress, we moved on. Then after my exasperation set in, I just couldn't pick one confidently so on a whim and possibly Divine intervention, we ordered this mattress called Logan Cove from Novosbed in Canada.
Watch our new Bed review!! 

What drew me was the hybrid luxury aspect of it, individually wrapped pocket coils that are 13 and 14 gauge, giving them better spring and support I assume. And it had layers of different support foams and bonus, it stated it was suitable for an adjustable bed!  Plus it has a 120 sleep night guarantee. The one draw back was, it had a pillow top. For me, I always avoided pillow tops, assuming they would compress and not be soft or be too soft. But this didn't stop me this time. There was a special "feeling" this time...just order it, you need a new mattress.

A Jump To King Size
Because we never use the individual controls on our adjustable bed, I just need it to sit up and be comfy, we finally opted to buy a full king mattress. No more seam down the center and it was about three hundred dollars cheaper to buy a king as opposed to two twin xl's. The bed was ordered.

While we waited, I started browsing on Amazon and saw another similar looking mattress that has springs and foam, and was less than half the price. After a mild panic, asing Craig if we should cancel the new one and buy this really cheap one,  I called the L and C number a couple times asking questions. They were very nice. Needless to say, we got a grip and stayed committed to the L and C mattress. We concluded that we always learn lessons the hard way when we cheap out. After all, the Amazon one didn't have the same quality at all. You could tell from reading and comparing. Be careful about opting for what is cheap, it is why we already wasted money on the last mattresses and don't get me started on pillows! (more on that in the future).

The Final Verdict?
Check out our video to see what we thought and think so far.

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