Tuesday, April 26, 2016

CRAIG'S QUICKIE XTENDER WHEELS - What's New As Of Right Now With Craig's Xtender Wheels....

Watch The Video right below- What's New As Of Right Now With Craig's Xtender Wheels....

So far, Sunrise Medical/Quickie, has been doing pretty well in addressing the ongoing troubles Craig has had with all three sets of Xtender wheels. The best communication has been my exchanges with Quickie's Twitter site. It has helped a lot to know that I have someone I can communicate with when I have questions or concerns. We did receive our first personal communication from someone at Sunrise Medical a couple of weeks ago, outside of Twitter. And we want to say that our intent in documenting everything about Craig's Xtender experience publicly, was never intended to say anything negative about any of the companies involved with these wheels. If we presented anything that way, please know we didn't mean to.
What's New?
To know the history, you would need to check out the Xtender Wheel articles on this blog. So I don't sound repetitive, I will say what's new. Watch the video above, that pretty much covers the last two weeks. ....like I said just look back at the articles. Sunrise Quickie sent a set of replacement spokes. On April 15th, 2016 the dealer tried to replace the broken ones but they just kept breaking. (The night before, a 3rd spoke just snapped in the exact same way.) So, Craig was given the demo pair of wheels by the dealer.  As you will see in the above video, the demo wheels looked like improvements had been made to the spoke installation and quality. All a good thing.

I was hoping that he might then get this new and improved set of wheels or his would be made to be like these ones, minus then rubber coated hand rims. .n fact the whole two weeks that he had the demo pair, there was no clicking. When he first tried a demo pair almost 2 years ago, for two whole weeks, there was no clicking either. All has been perfect with demo wheels. Makes sense, because it's clear how the spokes are crossed over in a better way and are more flush in the hub, looking much better. We let the companies involved, including the dealer know about the improvements and how we assumed Craig would be getting the improvements.
Well, no so far...
We were told a couple of days ago that Sunrise replaced the motors in set number two and there was no clicking when they checked them over, that all looks and sounds good.  We pray that they are right and all will be well. We are concerned that nothing was mentioned about spokes. But, we will trust that Sunrise has it taken care of.

Stay Tuned.
Hopefully, our next article will be another "Woo Hoo!" all is working and quiet!increased his pain. So even though we are not sure how all this will end up, he loves using P.A. wheels.

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