Thursday, May 4, 2017

Drum Roll Please....Yay, My New Power Wheelchair Is In Da House!

:o) My very first four -wheeled 
mobility device! 
Woo hoo! After more than twelve years of my first power wheelchair that has a power tilting seat, (Meaning I can tilt it back) I finally am testing out my new one.
Perhaps because I don't walk/drive around town like I once did, my oldest power chair ever, has served me well and even still works.

Support Matters?
But, it isn't just about the motors still working, as I have come to learn the hard way. Because I have severe scoliosis (about an 80 degree curve), living with a very unique spine that looks like
My first manual wheelchair
the letter "S"in an x-ray. The back portion of my chair (Meaning, the back of the chair designed to support me in all those right places, like a good bra is supposed to, ha ha.) literally, has begun falling apart. I just improvised, filling in the gaps and adjusting the foam inserts. No clue as to how deleterious the lack of proper support could be. Last year my physician confirmed, what I had suspected, that curvature in my spine has worsened. Not something you want to have happen. 
Proper supportive seating and cushions are really critical for anyone who sits for a living. In fact, persons unable to have proper seating in their wheelchair and even folks who sit in an office chair all day long - can end up developing a secondary disability, like scoliosis or other spine and skeletal, even skin issues. So please take how you sit seriously!

 For me, improvising  extra foam inserts here and there, always feeling uncomfortable and struggling with increased aches meant, time to get a new chair. Besides, the whole system more than doubled its life expectancy (our government permits us to get 75% coverage for a new chair every five years.),  may be a bit noisier, but they're still doing what they're supposed to. 
My second Manual Wheelchair
And a testimony To Invacare's great Customer Service and to the "Arrow/Storm" series power wheelchair. Needless to say, there was no question, this was the brand and model, to stick with. (No, In no way Is Invacare's sponsoring any of this - This is not a product placement plug- just A testimony from happy customer) 
A Brief History Of Power
My first manual chair was used back in the early/mid 70s. Once the Spinal Muscular Atrophy weakened my upper body, pushing those rims down long hallways and outdoors became too difficult and eventually, impossible. My first power chair was this one, about grade eleven.
Love my dear Grandpa and here is
Power chair number 2
And I'm pretty sure that Invacare made this one. As far as I am concerned, it has been the only brand of power chair I have ever used. I apologize if they didn't exist until later, Then I have that
wrong. The blue one below is the third chair, the one that is either the one that was the lemon or, it is the one that replaced the lemon, thanks to Invacare's great customer.
My third power chair- no tilt seating. I Love Randi  and I love the colour of that old chair.
Sorry for the fashion offence.
I was in transition. This was fitting #1
After fitting number one here, we tried out one back style for support but it wasn't for me. Yesterday I got to try a new back for my wonky spine and yay, so far I have never felt more supported than ever before. For someone with a large "S" curve, I feel like I am sitting straight, almost. It is so great! 

To be sure, the wonderful vendor Motion Specialty, is letting me test it out. Makes sense because you can't really know a seating method until you try it for more than a day.

Wanted to share the great news! Any questions on new chairs or seating? Feel free to write them below or email
Testing the first back. A great concept but not for me.
Detail pics of my new chair!

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