Thursday, May 25, 2017

Dangerous Yet Beautiful Weather: Insta Freeze!: Ice Storm Of April 2017

In many countries when we think of April, we think tulips, lilacs, budding leaves, young hatchlings, baby critters, and most of all, for us up here in the north anyway, no more Ice and snow! Well, not this year! We awoke one fine morning to "iceland!" It was amazing to see our van and flower box edges coated in about a half inch or more of ice! As if the rain froze as soon as it hit the surface. Very unique and beautiful. Beautiful, yet treacherous. School was cancelled for two days, along with many other events and businesses. Vehicles were in ditches every where.

There's more, but you will have to check out the video I made below. Did the best I could to capture the beauty of it all. 
Watch Below:

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