Thursday, June 14, 2012

Abortion Survivors?

Before I complete part two of the story, I wanted to share the links to one incredible woman, we were "introduced" to via YouTube, about a month ago.
First of all, did you know that people have survived abortion attempts? We didn't know that until last year sometime, thanks to the internet. It is truly a remarkable miracle, as horrifying as it is to know that a child was meant to die at the hands of health care "professionals," to learn that a baby, who is the target of a murder attempt, actually survives, wow!
In many cases, if you do research, you will see, as we did, that there are clinics and such, that actually place the alive infants on a shelf to pass on, just leaving them there unattended. Here are some links to these stories: "The Crime of Being Alive, The Abortion Survivors, An Inconvenient Life
Sad and inconceivable, that is for sure. So meet Gianna. She will cause anyone who believes abortion is just a "choice" and a "right" of women, to hopefully at least, think twice before making a life ending decision. Gianna, survived a saline abortion and was saved by a nurse, God sent, who noticed she was alive. As a result, Gianna was born with mild Cerebral Palsy, something she calls a gift and a personality that outshines many. Thankfully, she shares the light that God gave her, which why we can all "meet" her.
To meet Gianna, click here.

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