Sunday, August 18, 2013

Justin Hines - Take a Listen, You Won't Be Disappointed

 A fews years back an Ontario tourism promo was on our television. Immediately, I noticed a young fellow who was using a wheelchair singing the the song for the video. When you use one yourself, you notice these things. I was so impressed with his vocals and looked him up on the internet. Within minutes, I became a Justine Hines fan. Bonus, he's from Ontario, Canada!
Justin is a singer, songwriter who is a humble artist that views his different abilities as an opportunity for something positive, not as a negative. Loving that attitude, he is an inspiration to my husband and me and we were thrilled to learn that he is coming to our city in two days!
Just want to spread his life and music around, not just to our friends who may want to see him with us - but to whoever stumbles upon this blog.
Here's to you Justin, We wish you well.
Here are some playlists and web links to learn more about Justin.
Justin Hines Inspiring Life
"Courage" Video
"Say What You will"

Justin Hines Documentary Short
Justin Repels Down Hotel in Wheelchair
"Lay MyBurdens Down" video

Justin Is Coming To Thunder Bay, August 20th, 2013!!
Hines is playing at the Italian Cultural Centre on Aug. 20. The show starts at 7 p.m. Tickets are $10 and available at the Baggage Building, March of Dimes, MEDIchair, Painted Turtle, Print Pros Plus, SHIFT YPN office and the Thunder Bay Transit office.
Where We First Saw/Heard Justin Hines!

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