Monday, March 21, 2016


the 2  spoke ends that just snapped off this weekend
Spoke Too Soon?
Craig has been enjoying his third pair of Quickie Xtender power assist wheels. His third pair that were replaced under warranty in less than about six months. See links down below to see what you missed. 
The last pair were discovered to have a seriously loose spoke causing the clicking sound in replacement number 3. Thankfully, our vendor got it repaired  under warranty and all has been smooth cruising for a few months now. He does love using these very useful mobile  devices. 
Then this weekend. two spokes suddenly snapped off in the same spot in one day. 
We have made a video and took pics to document what happened. He was so enjoying a whole few months with no concerns after all the previous adventures you can see in the links below, 
Thankfully we are not worried because Quickie, Sunrise Medical and our vendor/dealer have been  repairing and replacing when needed. We just wish the designer/manufacturer will learn what is needed to avoid any future issues with other customers and even my husband. Hope these details help them.

Remaining spoke so far is hanging on by tension

To see the coinciding video Click here:

We have been covering the Xtender Wheel Experience in previous articles here below, if you want to know the details. Just click on the titles themselves.

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Some spoke tips we want to get checked, you can s
ee they are not all flush and secured well
These articles are to help anyone else possibly having concerns with their wheels or for those researching the topic.

Craig loves them and I am still happy to see him be able to have such a great device that helps his shoulder so much.

He does recommend this brand of power assist wheels to anyone who sees him. 

Anyone else who may have this problem? Let us know. 

Comments? Thoughts? Insight? or Questions about mobility devices or Quickie Xtender Power Assist wheels, write it down below. Subscribe to stay posted.

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