Wednesday, May 18, 2016


Recently, in an attempt to understand and help someone very
Albert Einstein- A lived with
Asperger's/Autism Spectrum
special to us, I have been learning about the Autism Spectrum/Asperger's /Autism. The more I discover, the more chords in my heart are struck, hitting closer to home than I ever thought. Relieved and encouraged.  The more I learn, the more it makes me wonder...Why does it make we wonder? About 12 years ago, I was officially diagnosed with is an article and some other  links and videos that helped me to think possibly, I may have been misdiagnosed. 

Below are some incredible, inspiring people!
P.S. We just watched a wonderful biographical movie about and called"Temple Grandin."  Highly recommend watching it.

Click the title to go to the links.  
Is It Asperger's Syndrome/ Autism Spectrum Or ADHD?

A Look At Famous People With Autism

A Couple Of great Great You Tube Channels...
TEACH through Love

Thomas Hibben : Around The World With Autism

Sally Thibault-Autism Spectrum

Amethyst Schaber- What Is Autism?

Watch Temple Grandin, Incredible Lady

Susan Boyle An Unlikely Superstar
 There's Something About Susan

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