Sunday, September 4, 2016

ASSSISTIVE DEVICES - From Jumbo Computer to Moderate Tablet

 Hi guys. It has been a while. The iMac 27 inch computer that we had/have has been dying a slow
death. Thankfully,  it hasn't died completely. It began flickering off  and on and then crash to a black screen. I panicked, believing it was all over with. But then, for the last few weeks it has  miraculously continued to work and not work. Giving me time to back up documents and research what to do. Which has resulted in the  decision to not purchase another phone computer, be an iMac or PC.  However, after using an Apple iMac for about  seven years from morning until night, I have concluded that I would prefer to stick with Apple products. But wanted to reduce cost and try something new.
 iPad Air 2
 I am sitting here  dictating into our new iPad air number two. It is doing a pretty good job at typing out what I am actually saying. Must say,  I am very impressed. No it is not as fast as my old quad core processor. If that's what you call it. But, considering what I needed for these days, this 9 inch lightweight  Device, meets my needs. Something I recommend, is to order a iPad case that folds Into an easel type stand.  Because my muscles are weak, it is easier to touch the screen when it is propped up. Besides, this thin tablet  feels too delicate for clumsy me hold without a case. Cases on can be purchased for under $10 Canadian. I will let you know the quality In 4 to 20 weeks. It is coming from China after all. Cheaper than $50-$80 from Apple. Yes, you get the fans bitten Apple logo, but I would  rather save the money.
Our iMac was 27 inches on purpose, because it was also our  our TV too. We only watch whatever is on like YouTube and Netflix, as well as television network website programs. No longer having the iMac,  meant we had to buy a new flatscreen smart television. According to a young friend our actual TV was ancient or antique.  It was about 1 1/2 feet deep do you know the old fashioned televisions. So we were able to get an iPad air device as well as a new smart TV for half the price Of a iMac 21 1/2 inch screen. Kind of a  relief. This is my first blog using verbal dictation so I am going to end it now. Stay tuned because we have a new log to make, about Craig's  New quickie wheelchair!!

Exciting to see what we can do with this new device. Not just the wheelchair, I mean the iPad which is streaming from our handheld devices. We only had to sign up for Google Cast! That was free!

See you soon!

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