Thursday, December 15, 2016

View From Above : A Canadian's Rant About The USA 2016 Election

Couldn't contain it anymore. Here's part one of some thoughts, okay, a rant from This Canadian about what has happened since he USA's 2016 Election. 
Democracy Means what? View From Above in Canada...

LINKS TO Sites and Articles That We have watched and feel are respectable and credible resources (so far.), including sites we find interesting and informative, honouring to God. , dealing with topics we find interesting.

Skywatch TV

Next News Network (Gary Franchi)

Round Saturn's Eye (David Bass)

Puritan Pictures

Face Like The Sun (Gonz Shimura)

Pastor Paul Begley

Pastor Mike Hoggard

Mark Dice (Viewer Discretion is advised)

Infowars - Alex Jones

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