Monday, June 12, 2017

Help Me To Know More About: Epilepsy,Convulsions, Or Seizures - Administering First Response Care

You decades ago back when I was younger, A Family member worked Under a manager who has epilepsy. I remember because they express their fears and concerns Regarding Their manager having a seizure. What I remember the most was Being concerned That this person was being misunderstood. As someone who grew up with a physical disability, my number one goal always was education and awareness. It just seemed that maybe these employees would not be so afraid if they understood more about epilepsy.  Most of all, what was best to help her if and when she had a seizure event.
Then years later I had a friend who had epilepsy since childhood. I didn't get to meet him until his 20s, he was friend's boyfriend. His situation was extremely unique, with other issues.  Sadly after entering the hospital due to seizure issues, The day before he was about to come home, he passed away because of a blood clot to his lung.  
And then there is the closest person in my heart, who battled convulsions when she was teeny. For some reason I always thought convulsions were different than seizures. Based on the research I did today, It appears they are pretty closely linked. Probably might be why they had an official seizure in their teen years. With no diagnosis of epilepsy to date.
There've been other friends would've had seizures, not that I've witnessed many, mostly the Petite Mal or Absent type
Why bring this topic up today?
Just today my husband watched a friend suddenly fall to our floor. This person has no history of epilepsy at all. He did not have any idea what was happening and it bothered him greatly because he didn't know what to do to help them. Thankfully it did not last more than a minute and it looks like our friend will be okay. 
But, it was a wake up call for us, to heed the need for awareness for instances like this. Heaven forbid, it would happen again. To learn about,
what a seizure may be and what to do to best help the person at that moment, until medical attention can be obtained. Or even whether or not you should get medical attention.

And based today's research, it turns out, I need to learn more because I just discovered that what I took in a First Aid course decades ago, has invalid information. People who have seizures cannot choke on their tongue, Contrary to what we were talking first aid class.  
A very good reason why It is important to keep up to date with First Aid. So first of all I want to share a couple of First Aid and Responder Care videos and  then after, meet some folks that I have learned from, thanks to their YouTube Videos.....

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