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Living Independently At Any Age

Hi guys! Hope you are all having a great weekend! I just want to share this with anyone who wants to
know about Self Directed Care or about being a "Self Manager" of your own personal care attendants or Personal Care Assistants. For about twenty years I have been blessed with being able to hire and
Illustration of me,  by me :o), Anita Harris Berglund
manage my own, thanks to the program in the video below about the program in Ontario, Canada.
Click here to see a previous article about my personal experience hiring and managing my own care.

There are programs available in some countries that have such services to enable independent living. It is perfect for those of us who want to have a say in who enters our home to provide care and assistance and who do not mind carrying out the administrative aspects. In fact to be a self manager under the Ontario D/F program, the applicant must be able to recruit, hire, train and administrate their own employees.

Watch Below: Direct Funding - Ontario, Canada

Prior to hiring my own PCAs, I was enabled to live independently in an S.S.L.U. apartment building for eleven years. That may be an option for you or someone you care about. Support Service Living Unit means, there were on site 24hour PCAs. When I needed a hand, I just phoned. Emergencies
were answered to with a paging system. Now it means possibly waiting because they work for all who require their assistance. It worked adequately early on. I was thankful to be able to live on my own. Only trouble, not all PCAs are kind, caring, respectful and compassionate. But if you needed a hand say to go to the washroom, and someone who may cause discomfort or uneasiness is working, you have to press through it or hold "it" in. And that isn't good for your body.  Until the Ministry of Health developed Direct Funding, it was my only way to live alone.

There are people who have insurance settlements from accidents and such or plans that enable them to hire and manage their own care. In Canada we can receive tax credits/deductions for any funds used to hire someone to assist with daily living.

Then in many places as in Ontario, there are agencies that offer homecare assistance. You may not get to choose or even know who will be coming into your bedroom in the morning to help you up, but, it is better than being stuck in a hospital. We have met friends who had to live in a hospital for a year or two after rehabilitation from an injury or life altering illness, waiting for a wheelchair accessible apartment/home.

The Aging Population and Independent Living
Because of the Baby Boomer population, there is a high population of dear citizens who are entering stages of life when they require more physical assistance. Without assistance, it may be too dangerous or just physically impossible to live alone. Many of us have spouses and family/friends who lend a loving hand to enable aging and residing our home. However some do not and they want to live out their life in their own home and not a home for the aged.
What is Available for Me?
 If you are getting older, like my husband. Our Province (an maybe where you reside) does have
There're always dear little friends 

who lend a hand!
agencies that provide in home care services. CCAC, Community Care Access is the one stop "Shopping" for receiving assistance. If you aren't sure, Please check with your family Doctor what options are available.
My Mom just informed us that we apparently can call Red Cross to have volunteers come to shovel our snow for seniors. We will be calling to check on that service.
What If I Need Nursing Care?
If you require care that only can be administered by a medical facility than please follow your physician's care plan for you. However, if you are able to have you health issues managed at home,  there are places where in home nurses are available. Depending on your preferences and needs. Personally, if I had healthcare needs such as medication administered or a wound cleaned and dressed,  I would simply train my own PCAs to provide that care. However exercising discretion and wisdom to seek out medical professionals if my situation had no other choice.

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