Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Old Faithful- My 12 Year Old Invacare Arrow Power Chair In Motion!

For research purposes, I just made a video (down below) of how perfectly my "Old Faithful" Invacare Arrow." TT (True Trac), Gearless Brushless motors, with Power Tilt Seating (there is a 2GT sticker on the base-not sure what that means), can manoeuvre and stop perfectly and smoothly when going downhill.
Old faithful when it was new!

Old Faithful definitely in need of new seating, 
but motors and controls work great after all these years.
Yes, I am still loving my brand new Invacare Arrow GT (NOT gearless brushless motors - can't remember the type right now.) My new one is a great chair, seating is better for my back. Like I mentioned before, it takes time to get everything fitted and the settings all programmed to the client's needs. It may be the newness, since mine was so old, the brakes are super super "grabby," when I even release the joystick a teeny weeny bit. So we are trying to figure out why and how to adjust it. It works fine on level surfaces and even up hills. I am sure it is just on of those things and will be all fixed up soon. It is at the shop now getting checked out. The great thing is, I have a reliable chair for back up when the other one needs to be worked on :0)

I don't have a video of the new one in motion, but see how smooth O.F. is!
Watch The Smooth Ride Below

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