Sunday, February 18, 2018

Walking Way Overrated: (Video) Fridge Talk - Food Safety . Being Fridge-less . Access To It- Part #1

We take a lot of things for granted these days. Refrigeration indoors is one of those things. A couple weeks ago, we noticed some funky food doors emanating from our Kitchenmaid fridge that was fifteen years old. Clearly, the freezer wasn't going to temperature at safe levels. To confirm that, we took our outside thermometer and used it to check the fridge and freezer. Sure enough, both sides were ten degrees (in Celsius) too low.

Confirmed by our trusted Fridge Doctor,(really, that is his company name), we ordered an inexpensive, discontinued Fridgidaire. Craig is the one who accesses the fridge so the question was, should we get one with the side by side, like we had but clearly had difficulties accessing areas when using a wheelchair. Or, do we get the traditional upper freezer, with lower fridge or vice versa? Years ago I  had an accessible apartment with the side by side and assumed that was the more accessible type refrigerator. But after having our own for fifteen years, we concluded that because of the vertical divide, the shelves are narrow and deeply inset, making it harder to reach more areas.

The Bottom freezer idea would mean not being able to reach down and in deep enough, limiting access. And not being able to access the upper most fridge shelves.

Top Freezer, or the Old fashioned style would work best.  Ideally, if you require an accessible fridge, if you can, please go to a store and try reaching and getting to all the parts you need to, to help make your decision. This is just our opinion....

Watch Part One Of Our Fridge-less AdventureBelow!
We will show more in the video part 2 shortly.

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